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The Words are Insufficient – Ece Gökalp

This project chases a woman who had neither a very long nor a very deep life. Nazifya Akarsu, died at the age of 35, and left 8 children behind. Her still-living 5 children don’t have much memory about her, and she couldn’t leave too much behind. The only information about her is as following: She is the daughter of a migrant family coming from Kosovo to Turkey in 1923. She had a life in poverty. She never learned Turkish. She never needed it. She passed all her life at home with her children. In regard of the socio-cultural structure in her neighbourhood, she was oppressed by her entourage and her husband. Along with this few information, Nazifya Akarsu is artist Ece Gökalp’s mother’s mother, and so her grandmother. (more…)