Eröffnung SIS – In th blink of a bird @ nGbK Berlin



Eröffnung SIS – In th blink of a bird @ nGbK Berlin

Performance (EN)
Sis Collective »In the Blink of A Bird (second rendition)«
In this performance the members and collaborators of Sis explore in the realm of bureaucracy. They claim to consult, guide and counsel the visitors through the exhibition, through the paperwork, through unvoiced complications and to a Next Stage.
This performance is the modified second rendition of the first »In the Blink of A Bird«, realized in Depo İstanbul in 2017. Since the performers will be able to consult a limited number of people, Sis collective suggests that you make an appointment online filling out this form:
>> Members of Sis advise you to be ready to encounter questions like »Are you able to eat fresh coriander?« or »Have you ever been to a courthouse?« and they say that it is ok to come with a friend because no man is an island, right?

Performance (EN)
Birgit Auf der Lauer & Caspar Pauli »Operating the Hayal Machine«
Birgit Auf der Lauer & Caspar Pauli spent hours with the Sis collective listening and tapping into project planning, their ideas and endeavors in Istanbul.
The listening process continues at the nGbK, where they filter thoughts, sentences and printed matter of Sis and the audience, which – after digitizing and formatting – becomes the printed score for a choreography: That of a shadow figure moved by a needle printer. If you want your inner murmurs to be danced by the shadow figure approach the artists during the operating times of the Hayal Mashine.
Hayal is an Ottoman word of Arabic origin and means illusion or shadow of illusion.

Opening of the exhibition
SIS – In the blink of a bird @ nGbK Berlin

Performance (EN)
Ceren Oykut & Fezaya Firar»Black on Black«
An audiovisual improvisation of live drawing and electronic music. Ceren Oykut’s surprising, tribal and tameless lines are telling stories of urban transformation, animals and language while accompanied by the purely live synthesized sonic waves of FezayaFirar, which swing between acyclic industrial drone and rhythmscapes.