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Apartment Project brings 8 artists who live in Berlin or on the way of moving to Berlin from İstanbul together in an exhibition and event serie titled “No Matter”.

The phrase “No Matter” has multiple meanings and is used in different contexts. Ambigious structure of this title refers to resistance and different interpretations of reality.

“No matter what”, “no problem” indicates resistence, the will of keeping going on, individual as well as collective motivation of resistance and survival.

Besides, ironically “no matter” as the meaning of “no substance” is refering to also the thema of the festival “shadows”. Since the manupilation of reality has been a tool of totaliterian regimes, fear conservatism, nationalism and discrimination started to grow more and more through this tool . Fear from the other, fear from self, fear of terror, fear of future. Post-truth became a popular term describing today’s political climate. So metaphorically we have the shadows but there is sometimes no source of those shadows, sometimes difficult to reach them or when we find they don’t match at all.

While 7 artists from Turkey who work on different fields and with diferent mediums realize their own projects, they will interact at some point to intersect their issues to each other. Process of these events will assemble a whole picture that reveals different stand points and point of views about day to day politics, identity and reflections about future in Neukölln where Apartment Project located. With this project A.P. Is aiming to present different perspectives and questions in order to engage neighbours, Neuköllners as well as art audience.

Vernissage: Thu 22 June 2017, 7 pm

Project & Coordination: Selda Asal