Open Call

Open Call

Open Call

«Chromatic Wednesdays» 


«Chromatic Wednesdays» is a bi-weekly event series bringing together creative thinkers from diverse backgrounds. Held at the project space Apartment Project in Berlin Neukölln and online, it has presented various artists since its first edition in December 2020. With this open call, it aims to give chance to musicians, theater and dance performers, researchers, cultural practitioners as well as visual artists to present their work at one of the upcoming events. Proposals may include concerts, sound, visuals, video screenings, discussions, readings, lectures or any other form of performance and presentation. «Chromatic Wednesdays»  encourages you not to limit your imagination when proposing your work.


The events are designed together with the team of «Chromatic Wednesdays» and are open for collaborations with artists and spaces in Berlin. A budget for artist fees and possible material costs (limited) is provided by «Chromatic Wednesdays». The events can be held between March 2023 and December 2023 in consultation with the team of «Chromatic Wednesdays».


For the previous episodes of CW.



Please hand in a document (PDF) about your project of maximum two pages in English or in German, including a calculation of eventual costs to be expected. 



Proposals for the year 2023 can be sent at any time until October 2023.


Contact for questions and applications:


«Chromatic Wednesdays» is organized by the Apartment Project Berlin and funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.