CW#23 l SEASON 2 l Glaring Light

CW#23 l SEASON 2 l Glaring Light

Theme: Curiosity

21 December 2022, Wednesday | Season 2, Episode 23

Apartment Project and online


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Organized by the Apartment Project Berlin and funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe


Glaring Light


19:30 Projection of short films, curated by Florian Wüst, followed by a conversation with

filmmaker Roxana Reiss and curator Lisa Rosendahl


«My Pictures of You» by Lisa Tan (Sweden/US 2017–19, 23 min)

«Life Without Dreams» by Jessica Bardsley (US 2021, 15 min)

«Alturas» by Roxana Reiss (Peru/Germany/Denmark 2020, 30 min)


Curiosity drives us through «Chromatic Wednesdays’» episode «Glaring Light», in which three films explore both terrestrial and planetary landscapes to glimpse the future existing in the present. Myth and poetic speculation pervade the cinematic journeys that take us from arid dryness, light pollution and insomnia to the political struggle for women’s rights.


Compelled by photographs from NASA’s expeditions depicting Mars’ topography, Lisa Tan highlights how the planet’s dry lake beds, undulating sand dunes, and horizon could be our own in «My Pictures of You» . Jessica Bardsley’s «Life Without Dreams» is set in the outer space of consciousness where extraterrestrial surfaces form the terrain for a reflection on 24/7 capitalism. In «Alturas», Roxana Reiss portrays Elisa Taboada who campaigns to be elected as the first councilwoman of her village in the vast Andean mountains of Peru.