CW#3 l SEASON 3 l Tumultuous

CW#3 l SEASON 3 l Tumultuous

Theme: Upheaval

15 March 2023, Wednesday | Season 3, Episode 3

Apartment Project and online


Livestream link:

Organized by the Apartment Project Berlin and funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe




Music performances:


20.00 Trips & Findings

21.00 Music from Nowhere



Tumultuous sounds take us on a journey in the next episode of «Chromatic Wednesdays». They traverse places in musical, notebook-like observations, reflecting on the crosscultural connections of the globalized world. On their expedition, they cross paths with eclectic sounds that symbolize the diversity of people and ideas coming together to fight for a common cause. They merge with the droning noise that reflects social and political upheaval, such as a protest against oppressive systems to call for change in the face of injustice. The concerts by Trips & Findings and Music from Nowhere will incorporate elements of travel and exploration to bring us on a journey through unique sounds and improvisations of these landscapes.



Trips & Findings are the musical sketches of Sofia Borges’ travels. They show, as she says, «what I observe and forget, what I discover, lose and find again, what I listen to, what I touch, and what strikes me.» Sofia makes use of a distinguished sound palette including percussion instruments and electronics, complemented by a wide variety of everyday objects, tools, hardware, music boxes and toys, immersing the audience in the most diverse and unexpected sonic landscapes.


– Originally from Portugal and based in Berlin, Sofia Borges is a sound artist who works solo and collaborates with noise makers, dance and theater artists. Her performances are characterized by a desire to explore, experiment and expand established languages through improvisations and original compositions with unconventional graphic notations. Her jazz toolkit encompasses music boxes, toys, orchestral percussion instruments, analog and digital electronic devices as well as field recordings that allow her to process her acoustic constructions.


Music From Nowhere is a duo project by Yurdal Çağlar and Peter Somos founded in 2020. Yurdal plays guitar, fretless guitar and oud and is accompanied by Peter with percussion. Their music embodies improvised rhythms and themes as well as modal variations that reflect today’s musical horizons across cultures and geographies.


– Yurdal Çağlar is a guitarist (electric, fretless and nylon string guitars), composer, bassist, oudist and guitar teacher based in Berlin. He studied Jazz Guitar at the Yıldız Technical University, where he was also a lecturer between 2010 and 2018. Throughout his music career, he has played with leading names of the Turkish Jazz scene in a variety of genres. He has been involved in numerous projects and participated in festivals such as Istanbul Jazz Festival, Akbank Jazz Festival and Karneval der Kulturen Berlin. He released his solo albums «Fituyuca» in 2013 and «Nomad» in 2021 and a joint-album «Bahçe» with Çağrı Erdem in 2020.


– Peter, who grew up in Budapest and began working professionally as a musician at the age of 14, graduated summa cum laude in music from Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam. Throughout his career he has recorded and performed with artists such as Casey Benjamin, Mahesh Vinayakram, Nadishana, Sharrie Williams, Besh o droM and Krzysztof Scieranski. He has played at festivals such as Sziget in Budapest, Exit in Novi Sad, WOMADelaide in Adelaide, Jazz Jamboree in Warsaw, Südtirol Jazzfestival, JodhpurRIFF, Jazzfest Kolkata, Shanghai World Music, Jeju World Music Oreum and Dubai Blues Festival.


«Chromatic Wednesdays» is a bi-weekly event series bringing together creative thinkers across diverse backgrounds. As part of this interdisciplinary program, the music performances will be presented at 20.00 and 21.00 (doors open at 19.30) at Apartment Project (Hertzbergstraße 13, 12055 Berlin) and can also be followed online on Youtube (