Shingo Inao

Shingo Inao

As a part of Vorspiel Transmediale Apartment Project Berlin is pleased to announce the performance of the artist Shingo Inao with his self-made instrument Tosso.“Tosso – one sensor instrument produced in 2006 – is an acoustic and electronic string instrument that enables the player’s movements to be set into a musical expression through sensor technology. The instrument is made of wood and outfitted with six guitar strings. Tosso operates based on a two axle acceleration sensor that measures inclination, located inside the instrument. The acoustic sounds, played with a bow, are recorded with a microphone that is set around the instrument’s sound hole. The sounds are processed with several sound effects, which are assigned to the instrument movements. There are no pre-recorded samples in a Tosso performance: all sounds are recorded and processed during the performance. Through these means Tosso repeatedly shows the parallel development of acoustic and optical elements.




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