UNorJUSTNESS Fall A: Finanz | Case A : Finance

UNorJUSTNESS Fall A: Finanz | Case A : Finance

opening: sunday, jan 26th 2014, 6 p.m.

exhibition: jan 27th – feb 8th, 4 – 8 p.m. (closed on feb 2nd+3rd)

video sound installation in 3 parts


The installation UNorJUSTNESS | Case A : Finance has 3 parts, which are brought in opposition to each other, visually and acoustically. It shows three forms of work, of earning money:
1 – Worker (Palm Oil Plantation, Indonesia)
2 – Trader (Commodities Trading, Switzerland)
3 – Investor (CopyTrader Promotion, worldwide)

All three forms seem to be independent but are connected in the globalized world: the worker in Indonesia produces palm oil, which is traded by commodities traders in Switzerland (Switzerland is the main platform worldwide for global commodities trading) which is financed by private investors from across the world. The three videos show three ways that money can be made: physical work, non-physical work and no work – the promise of making money without any effort for small investors by so-called ‘CopyTrading’.

Comparing these three modes of money making begs the question: What is the right wage for which work ? What is commensurability in the economic world?

Part 1 and 2 are presented as projections hanging face-to-face, visible from both sides, building a space in between. Part 3 is shown on a small monitor. The two hanging Plexiglas panes are vibrating by transducers, which connect the plates to special loudspeakers, producing an extraordinary acoustic effect. Visually, the two different worlds of work are separated. Acoustically the sounds of the worker and the trader mix in one space. The third part can be seen and heard by only one visitor who has to go in between the two worlds of working atmospheres. There he is confronted with a promotion to make money the easiest way, built on the work of the others.