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What is the Shape of your Body?




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What is the Shape of your Body?

Apartment Project- Berlin will turn into an open collaborative project space between 7th-11th May open from 3pm-8 pm.

“What do you remember about the earth?
How will you begin?
What is the shape of your body?
How will you live now?
What are the consequences of silence?
What would you say if you could?”

The earth is a place inhabited by strangers. Interrogations are an indispensable part of this world where we are separated by borders, languages, cultural codes and social norms.

This will be an alternative interrogation.

Would you join us around a table; drawing, painting, making collages and writing together to ask and answer the 12 Questions taken from the book “Vertical Interrogation of Strangers” by Bhanu Kapil?

This event is the beginning of an experimental investigation within an open process.