Chromatic Wednesdays #31

Chromatic Wednesdays #31


Chromatic Wednesdays
drafted and organized by Apartment Project
supported by “NEUSTART KULTUR” and Fonds Soziokultur

October 2021 | Future | Episode 2
Musical Exploration with Özgür Atlagan

20 October, Wednesday
@Apartment Project
19:00 Door Opening
20:00 Event Start

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-Negative Test or Vaccination is required-

Özgür Atlagan speaks:
For this edition of Chromatic Wednesdays, I will perform several pieces from the cassette tape Letter to N released by Het Generiek in June 2021. Letter to N brings together synths and field recordings with short stories and fragments of texts written between 2016-21. On Wednesday night, I will recite golden hits like Sulfur Noon, Great Looters, Overall Swapping Orgy from Letter to N and will talk about the background of the pieces.
(Letter to N is made with the support of Hinderrustfonds, SAHA and Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten. Image is a detail from a photograph by Justina Nekrašaitė – The Book Photographer.)

The Phrygian goddess Cybele among many things is believed to be the goddess of hollow places. This makes me wonder what hollow places can hold, mediate, signify. It resonates with the way poet Ariana Reines describes poetry as making something out of nothing. These two inform my drive to make art. I work with performance, text, sculpture, photography, and video in search of a ground between theater and installation; to meditate on violence, servitude, eroticism, play and humor.