Chromatic Wednesdays – March 2020 // Postponed

Chromatic Wednesdays – March 2020 // Postponed

Chromatic Wednesday Presents:



11 March

We will gather in our first event of “Wednesday” to watch the recently completed short movie “Buhar” by Emre Birişmen in Apartment Project Berlin. In addition, his two short movies co-directed with Fatma Belkıs will also screened.

start 20:00
Running Order
HepGece (Evernight) 2015 (17min)
Boğaz (Bosphorus) 2017 (7min)
Buhar (Vapor) 2020 (10min)

During this endless night where the sun does not rise and darkness prevails, Woman and Man decide to leave their social life, their property, and civilization as we know it, to return to nature.
In this fictitious setting, when the two sides of Bosphorus are governed by two different governments in dispute. The woman struggles to watch the “other“ side to which she has never been and knows nothing about.
During their stop at a rest area on the highway, three women speaking an obscure language, fall apart from each other due to an unexpected encounter.

Organisation: Selda Asal

18 March

Booklaunch of the Catalog of the exhibition “Condition Room” by Apartment Project.
“Condition Room” is the last exhibition of the series of collective exhibitions and events initiated, organized and realized by Apartment Project and Sis Collective, which have traced the challenges for artistic practices and content productions.
The authoritarian shift that reshaped the political landscape in Turkey had direct impacts on creative classes. The restrictions on freedom of speech and consequent persecutions forced academicians, journalists, writers, and artists to adopt defensive strategies, in some cases to choose the option of an exodus.

As the last ring added into the chain, the exhibition Condition Room pertains to the next phase following the arrival into a new home country. What differentiates the sociological character of the recent wave of newcomers from Turkey to the city of Berlin is their formations within upper segments of the educated and urban middle classes.
They bear the marks of their past stories: they resist forgetting while we also consciously strive to forget; they persist in their own memories and claim their own words to constitute their own histories.

25 March

an audiovisual night with modular synthesizers, live video projection and performance with
sudden beach (modular synthesizers)
Marta Antinucci (performance)
Emre Birişmen (live video projection)
f:rar (modular synthesizers, DIY instrument)

start 20:00
free entry

f:rar and Emre Birişmen are going to dive in their improvised audio-visual set into the world of underwater using modular synthesizers, DIY instruments, and found objects.
The performance art is created by performance artist Marta Antinucci and sound artist Mehmet Guren in collaboration with Apartment Project.
The piece creates a multi-dimensional line of communication in transition between the concrete and the abstract thinking with the use of body movements, animated materials and sounds of a modular synthesizer.
the final act of the act with the participation of all artists