Özgür Erkök Moroder – Controlled Fantasy

Özgür Erkök Moroder – Controlled Fantasy

“A dream is “seen,” it just “happens” to us, whereas a fantasy is constructed. We are the constructers.” 

“Controlled Fantasy” asks questions by wandering between rituals, social dress codes, power relations, borderline experiences and popular culture issues. When the news become more fantastic than comic books, the borders begin to get closer to us. The closer we get to the borders, the closer we are to transgressions, to exorbitance, to new experiences as well as to a need of control. My third solo exhibition “Controlled Fantasy”, has been based on the booklet entitled “Self Satisfaction Fascicule for Unsatisfied Loci of Power” that I’ve produced
for the “Stay with Me” exhibition at the Apartment Project.

The booklet envisions the subversion and the transformation of the relationality between the major political currents and the everyday life with its everyday culture
by offering fabricated advices and experimental excercises. Besides, it denies revolutionary approaches towards future. Because the one who takes down, can be taken down. Whereas the one who can warp and transform may remain flexible.

A dream is “seen,” it just “happens” to us, whereas a fantasy is constructed. We are the constructers.
The exhibition consists of performance costumes, drawings, and videos. Some of the works were produced via collaborations with artists from other disciplines.


6th of May 2017 until 2nd of June 2017
Collaborations: Celsius Moroder – Designer, Daniel Hinojo – Performer, Ingo Randolf – Artist, Merve Çanakçı – Artist, Designer, Mika Satomi – Artist/ E-Textile Costume Designer, Stephane Hügel – Designer