9 September 2020, Wednesday | 19:30-22:30
Apartment Project
Hertzbergstr. 13
12055, Berlin-Neukölln

Artists: Mine Sübiler, Emre Birişmen, f:rar, KOKORAMA, feyz
Organisation: Selda Asal

Apartment Project is pleased to present an audio-visual experience with modular synthesizers, live video projections, and performances by Mine Sübiler, KOKORAMA, Emre Birişmen, f:rar and feyz. Drafted on the occasion of the Berlin Art Week, Crisscross is a multidisciplinary production platform, cultivating improvised and unrehearsed collaborations between artists from different fields and practices, cherishing the yield of synchronal production and progressive harmony. The experimental encounters showcase the up and coming artists’ instantaneous frames of mind, rolling out our personal and collective states of emotions such as distress, withdrawal, apprehension, and obscurity generated or surfaced mainly within this difficult year.

In order to keep the closed-door policy inaction due to COVID-19, the performances have been designed entirely to be experienced from the outside of the venue. Throughout the evening, the large windows of the Apartment Project will serve as screens, and the three-dimensional space will be transferred onto the two-dimensional surfaces.

@18.00 Drawing performance by Mine Sübiler
“Where waves of emotions are valid enough to visualize and share with others.”
Sübiler’s live drawing performance invades the windows of the project space as a personal and collective introspection of our bottled emotions, which have been fluctuating with uncertainty.


KOKORAMA b2b f:rar and Emre Birişmen