CW#11 l SEASON 3 l Chronicles

CW#11 l SEASON 3 l Chronicles

Theme: Mythology

12 July 2023, Wednesday | Season 3, Episode 11

Apartment Project and online


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Organized by the Apartment Project Berlin and funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe




19:30 Performances Starts:

«Fresh Myths Different Times» by Ulufer Çelik and Merve Kılıçer

«Fake Lies» by Özgür Erkök Moroder aka sespersi


How do artists approach myths in today’s rationalized world and how do they enact their artistic practice in their own mythical recitals and rituals? In «Fresh Myths Different Times», Ulufer Çelik and Merve Kılıçer merge the reading of poems with live and sampled sounds, accompanied by improvised illustrations by Carmen Jose projected in the space to reflect on past and present events in their homeland. For this edition, they integrate the experiences of the earthquake in Turkey and in Syria in February 2023 into their performance to enable transfer, remembrance and processing of the event in different times. Oral traditions, myths, stories, poems and songs inform their performance, and they activate this knowledge through the means of translation and sound. By confronting pain, trauma, and physical memories, the performance itself becomes a form of myth-making and knowledge-sharing. In the musical journey «Fake Lies» Özgür Erkök Moroder aka sespersi sings its own short stories. Travelling from a rabbit hole to the other side of the black hole, the songs follow neo-myths from the future and of the fictional selves that have yet to become.


 Ulufer Çelik (b. 1992, Antalya) and Merve Kılıçer (b.1987, İstanbul) are independent artists from Turkey who live and work in Rotterdam. In their artistic practice as a duo, they often engage with their ancestral past around Anatolia through artistic research and production, exploring the mediums of sound, performance and text. Along with Jake Caleb and Vlada Predelina, they are co-founders of the Eat-House Cooking Collective (2020) and members of the W1555 Artist Community in Rotterdam South. Together they have exhibited their work in Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam (2019), Corridor Project Space in Amsterdam (2020), Growing Space Rotterdam (2021) and Literature House in İstanbul (2022)


Özgür Erkök Moroder (1981, TR) studied art, design and music and has been living in Berlin since 2012. Multidisciplinary artist working on gender and everyday politics as performer, drawer, costume and stage designer, vocal worker, music and video producer. As «sesperisi» performs a solo SynthPunk opera. Its works has been shown in international exhibitions including Touch Amplifiers at Akademie der Künste in Berlin (2018), MAXXI Museum in Rome (2015) and Zombie and Dummy, Soho in Ottakring in Vienna (2014). Has been nominated for the National Gallery Prize for Young Art 2015 (Berlin) and has participated in the IAAB Residency Program in Basel (2010). Is chair person and workshop leader at Young Arts Neukölln (since 2018), workshop leader for costume design at Jugendkunstschule Schöneberg (since 2023) and was a member of the art collective Ha Za Vu Zu in Istanbul (2005-2022).


  «Chromatic Wednesdays» is a bi-weekly event series bringing together creative thinkers across diverse backgrounds. As part of this interdisciplinary program, the performances will be shown at 19.30 (doors open at 19.00) Apartment Project (Hertzbergstraße 13, 12055 Berlin) and can also be followed online on Youtube (


The space of Apartment Project is accessible by wheelchair.