Devrim CK “mythones” & Mahir Duman



Istanbul based musician, audio-visual worker..

Living in Berlin since 2015 .

Devrim use  all kinds of media and creation tools when he produces his “works”,  He likes to make GIFs, short videos.. Instantly.. quick edited and finished. Loopy moments and thoughts, words/slogans on the walls , lights on the streets, abandoned objects, chaotic layout of the city’s signs, feelings of totally different people.. could be appreciable in his works. “when Berlin, hangover city, trying to waking up”

He is studying learning and producing new interesting techniques of digital AV worlds. Audio reactive visuals, transforming real life data for creating and manipulating  sound and visuals, AI, minimalist geometric generative art forms his new interests.

These days Devrim and his friends started to organize and develop their “kunstkollektiv” project STUDIO B7.

In this event Devrim CK and Mahir Duman will improvise together.

We are inviting you to join the experience.

Vimeo, Soundcloud, Facebook : mythones 

#everydaysworks, studio b7

Mahir Duman / Visual Artist Video Mapping | Projections | 3d Mapping | Visuals | Installations | Video Art | Vjing

Mahir Duman is a visual artist and Vj born in Ordu, Turkey.

He studied in Istanbul and lives and works in Berlin since 2011.

Mahir is doing interactive live performances and installations for festivals, clubs, special events and art galleries.
He produces video, short film, music clips and lots of different media sets, mixed and synchronized with sound and the rhythm of action.

He describes his imagery as unrealistic and surreal, that question human perception and the interplay between subjects.