? ? / zeynep beler, emin yu



? ? / zeynep beler, emin yu

? ?

Vernissage; 14.09.2018 / Friday at:18:30

duo show;
zeynep beler, emin yu

apartment project berlin

hertzbergstr 13 neukölln

14-29 sept 2018
vernissage 14 sept 18.30

Question is the mark of inquisition

such as why are we here? did we choose to be here?

[you are here – on weisestr, 12049, berlin]

on the northeast corner of Tempelhofer Feld under the shade of the trees the duo encounters an 8-circuit Labyrinth. circle the goal and find yourself by turns farther and closer.

inside voice asking:

am i still here if you can’t see me?
do i move forward or back?
is the line curved or straight?
what should i show you when you come and see our act?
[expect my gaze upon you]