Situational Dictionary :NOW

Ceren Oykut / Mustafa Pancar / Özlem Sarıyıldız  / Lerna Babikyan / Ece Gökalp / Ezgi Kılınçaslan

It seems like we are supposed to be living in the here and now, but situations can suddenly change. The here becomes impossible, and the now becomes a transitory state between past and future. Often these abrupt changes are triggered by uncontrollable external events. Life plans get shaken up and social connections become scattered. There becomes the new here, and having to deal with the discomfort of being thrown into new situations becomes unavoidable. New sets of implications emerge with new rules and requirements. And then, on fragile foundations, with unforeseeable futures, we start again. There is no other option. Due to the past few years of turmoil in Turkey, an increasing number of intellectuals, artists, and cultural workers have been leaving their homeland to head for Berlin.