„A Novel“ – Lets read together

„A Novel“ – Lets read together

August 27th, Monday

3pm – 9pm

To write a novel is seen as a monumental undertaking to accomplish in one’s lifetime. None of us has written a novel before and to take on this task together, forming a temporary writing society means something new to all of us. Believing in realising a novel in a timeframe of one month introduces already a form of possible failure. Embracing this defeat we will work ’til the end.

To conclude our residency at Apartment Project we open the doors and invite you to have a tea or drink with us! Join us whenever you want during 3pm – 9pm.

Dive into our publications, listen to a reading or join for some collective activity. Maybe you want to share your favourite book or poem? Lets read together!

Readings and activities
Vika Adutova, Maria Gordana Belić, Eva Funk and Daniela Müller