CW#20 l SEASON 2 l Sunken Temple

CW#20 l SEASON 2 l Sunken Temple

Theme: Sanctuary

16 November 2022, Wednesday | Season 2, Episode 20

Apartment Project and online


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Organized by the Apartment Project Berlin and funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe


Sunken Temple


20.00 Performance by Isabel Rößler

20.30  Performance by ESET

21.15 Performance by Samuel Hall


Usually, the temple is the sacred place that provides sanctuary and keeps objects that are valued for their hallowed nature. In the case of Samuel Hall’s album, the «Sunken Temple» preserves memory through music and sound. Samuel presents his first full-length solo album at «Chromatic Wednesdays», in which music creates a space where we can recollect our memories. Aiming at safeguarding past events and dreams, the album delves into electro-acoustic percussion, dense rhythms, cascading feedback and drum preparations. It mediates between the space of a wandering dream and a waking life. Plunging through rich sonic landscapes and crashing into angular, distorted rhythms, «Sunken Temple» blurs the lines between its electronic and acoustic elements.


Hall has invited Isabel Rößler and ESET to perform with him at his album release event. The musicians belong to Berlin’s improvisation scene and will lead us through the «Chromatic Wednesdays» edition under the theme «sanctuary».


Isabel Rößler is a jazz bassist and improviser. After studying music in Nuremberg and Tallinn, she moved to Berlin in 2019, where she is active in the city’s fluid improvisation scene. She is a member of the big band «The Omniversal Earkestra», which performs own compositions as well as style-forming arrangements from the world of jazz. In addition to numerous collaborations with local and international artists, she has toured through Germany and Eastern Europe with her trio «Flut».


ESET follow their search for the ultimate sound through their electro-acoustic set. Together with a bari saxophone, a cello and electronics, they swim in a deep, introspective and sometimes disturbingly funny river of noise and love, guaranteeing an open-hearted experience.


Samuel Hall is a drummer, percussionist and interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin. He uses extended  technique, electronics, object and drum preparations to interweave electro-acoustic and acoustic music. Informed by a strong improvisational language, his music draws from a deep sonic palette that explores evolving musical structures, timbres, and sound systems. As an interdisciplinary artist, Hall has collaborated with painters, dancers, and visual designers to create interactive, multi-layered works that challenge the norms of performance.


The performances by Isabel Rößler, ESET and Samuel Hall are presented as part of «Chromatic Wednesdays», a bi-weekly event series that aims to bring together creative thinkers from diverse backgrounds. The performances start at 20.00 at Apartment Project (Hertzbergstraße 13, 12055 Berlin, doors open at 19.30) and can also be followed online on Youtube (