Hive International Film Days & Chromatic Wednesdays #24 Special Edition

Hive International Film Days & Chromatic Wednesdays #24 Special Edition

Chromatic Wednesdays
drafted and organized by Apartment Project
supported by “NEUSTART KULTUR” and Fonds Soziokultur

June 2021 | Geography | Episode 2
HIVE: Hive International Film Days

HIVE is an international short film event based in Berlin. It will take place between 13-14-15 August in the Apartment Project exhibition space in Hertzbergstraße, Neukölln. The event will present a selection of 32 international and local short films, artist and director talks, Q&A sessions, and discussions. For more info about the selection and concept please visit.

13-14-15 August, Friday – Saturday – Sunday
@Apartment Project

17:00 – Opening/Pre-Drinks
18:45 – Selection 1 / Awakening
21:00 – DJ Performance / Naomi Dasmoe

14:30 – Selection 2 / Plunge
18:30 – Selection 3 / White Noise
21:00 – Live Audiovisuel Performance / Kokoroma

15:00 – Selection 4 / Velvet Punch
18:30 – Selection 5 / Rock, Paper, Scissors
22:00 – Closing

The event and majority of the movies will be live screened.

HIVE team as the creators of the event consists of a diverse group of young “New-wave” artists and designers coming from Turkey who aims to generate an intercultural network with the visual intersection of diversity and identities. Our collaborator for this event is the Apartment Project. The initiative has been a center for international, cultural, and social exchange in its neighborhood for many years by bringing different strata of society together.
Our main purpose by organizing HIVE is to empower diversity in a world of discriminative “-isms” and encourage filmmakers to celebrate their identities. Therefore, we provide a ground for those who choose to express this attitude with cinematic mediums. To emphasize the idea of diversity, we bring international directors, women directors, LGBTQ+ and Middle-Easterner artists together with local “Berliner” artists and audiences to create a cultural fusion.

The scope of HIVE,
There is a selection of 32 international short films curated into 5 sections. As we have clearly manifested our vision throughout the submission process, we received works from filmmakers with diverse profiles and backgrounds. Among the applications, there are films from more than 30 countries such as United States, Iran, Turkey, Portugal, Israel, UK, Brasil, and Pakistan… We have also received submissions from Germany and especially from Berlin. And more than half of the short films are from female directors.
We cannot wait to meet you in our very first edition in Berlin!
Stay safe!