Collective Film Project – Where to go

Collective Film Project – Where to go

Film conceived and produced by the Collective Film Project (KFP)

Collective Film Project (Kolektif Film Projesi, KFP) is a cinema initiative of Apartment Project. KFP was formed as a platform for artists from different backgrounds and working in a variety of media to come together to create new cinematic forms. The project is grounded in a philosophy of collaboration, embracing spontaneity and improvisation. KFP drew inspiration from the tropes and formats of historical genres of film, performance, and literature.

KFP brought together 5 artist from Istanbul and 2 artists from Berlin, where they lived and worked collectively over the course of a month in the Apartment Project space.

WhereToGo is the result of this intensive, productive, and exhausting experiment.

The film titled ‘WhereToGo?’ has been developed through online dialogs between the participating artists  within a few months after the month long collective living-working-producing experience.

The process, which began with a lottery, scattered the group to different districts of the city for the collection of texts, objects, emotions, gestures, photographs and videos which were to be shared with the rest of the group. The findings have been followed through the collaborative process, resulting in responses that influenced probabilities and outcomes. Multiplied through games and experiments.

The film is shaped around the efforts and struggles of a group of stressed, banished and stuck people looking for an exit, whom have fallen in dystopia.


Directors, Actresses,  Actors,  Scriptwriters,  Editors:
Güneş Terkol, Irem Tok, Iz Oztat, Ozgür Erkök Moroder,Selda Asal, Sevim Sancaktar

Post-Production-Team:  Selda Asal, Ozgür Erkok Moroder 

Editing:  Selda Asal

Sound: Cem Akkan, Selda Asal

Stage: Berk Asal

Costume: Christoph Moroder