“Figures in Air” Performance evening as part of Project Space Festival Berlin

Performer and choreographer Ayşe Orhon collaborates with musician and sound engineer Burak Tamer for a performance that considers today’s body as geography.
They dig thoroughly into the territories of human sound in relation to movement, integrating live voice processing.

Ceren Oykut expands the action of drawing with light and shadow. She brings her drawing practice onstage, performing live drawing accompanied by
experimental electronic duo FezayaFirar’s uncut, improvised performance. Burak Tamer is also a member of Istanbul’s avant-rock band Replikas, and
FezayaFirar will join for the first time to weave sound in space.
The evening takes its name “Figures in Air” from the book by Micah Silver about audio’s impact on human behavior and social space. Drawing,
human voice, sound, and movement meet in the gallery space with collaborations by different artists.


“Figures in Air” Performance-Abend als Teil des Project Space Festival Berlin

Beteiligte Künstler:
Ayşe Orhon, Burak Tamer, Ceren Oykut, FezayaFirar

Ayse Orhon mit Burak Tamer
Performance 19:00

Ceren Oykut mit FezayaFirar
Live Drawing 19:30

Burak Tamer mit FezayaFirar
Improvisation 20:30

am 2. August 2018 [at] Apartment Project Berlin.

Der Performerin und Choreographin Ayşe Orhon kollaboriert mit dem Musiker und Tontechniker Burak Tamer für eine Performance, die den heutigen Körper als Geographie betrachtet. Dafür durchforsten sie das Gebiet der menschlichen Klänge, immer in Bezug auf Bewegung und Sprachverarbeitung.

Ceren Oykut erweitert die Aktion um Zeichnungen mit Licht und Schatten. Ihre künstlerische Praxis kommt als Live Drawing auf die Bühne, gemeinsam mit dem experimentellen, elektronischen Duo FezayaFirar’s – als ungeschnittene, improvisierte Performance.

Burak Tamer ist auch Mitglied der Istanbuler Avant-Rock-Band Replikas und wird dann erstmalig gemeinsam mit FezayaFirar Klänge in den Raum fädeln.

Der Abend nennt sich “Figures in Air” nach einem Buch von Micah Silver über den Einfluss von Klang auf das menschliche Verhalten und den sozialen Raum. Zeichnung, menschliche Stimme, Sound und Bewegung treffen im Ausstellungsraum aufeinander durch die Kollaboration der verschiedenen Künstler*innen.

weitere Informationen: http://www.projectspacefestival-berlin.com/

Situational Dictionary: Now

Group Exhibition
Opening: 22nd June 2018 at 7pm
Part of 48h Neukölln

Political pressure, censorship, and violence are increasing daily in Turkey, forcing artists to change their artistic practices or leave the country. Berlin has long been a point of attraction for international artists. Since three to four years an increasing number of artists are
moving from Istanbul to Berlin to start new lives free from fear, pressure, and censorship, where they can pursue their artistic practices.

The exhibition situational dictionary: NOW picks up on the current situation in works by Ceren Oykut,Özlem Sarıyıldız, Ezgi Kılıncaslan, Mustafa Pancar, Lerna Babikyan and Ece Gökalp, developing new conceptual and visual tools to more adequately address such important contemporary
topics as migration, the rise of conservative and nationalist currents and their censorship, violence, and intolerance, as well as more general existential questions.

Apartment Project acts as an important contact point for the Turkish art community in Berlin. It is an interface for the Berlin public interested
in art, and the Neukölln neighborhood in general. (more…)

Situational Dictionary:Now

Ausstellungseröffnung als Teil von 48h Neukölln

Eröffnung: 22.Juni 2018 – 19h [at] Apartment Project Berlin

Der politische Druck, Zensur und Gewalt nehmen in der Türkei Tag für Tag zu, so dass die Künstler*innen dort gezwungen sind, ihre künstlerischen Praktiken zu ändern oder ihr Land zu verlassen. Berlin ist schon lange Anzugspunkt für internationale Künstler*innen, seit drei bis vier Jahren zieht es jedoch immer mehr Künstler*innen von Istanbul nach Berlin, um sich hier einen neuen Lebensraum zu schaffen und ohne Angst, Druck und Zensur ihrem künstlerischen Schaffen nachgehen zu können. (more…)

Still Here – Solo Exhibition by Ceren Oykut

Exhibition Opening: Friday 18th of May at 7pm
Visiting Days and Hours: Friday / Saturday 16.00-19:00
Duration: 18th of May until 14th of June 2018
Location: Apartment Project Berlin, Hertzbergstraße 13, Neukölln

Solo Exhibition:

Ceren Oykut’s exhibition entitled Still Here developed together with a site spesific drawing installation (wall painting) in the Apartment Project. The starting point of the wall painting was a notebook kept by Ceren Oykut while she has been learning German language. It was a work in progress, She started to draw on one of the walls and continued until the exhibition opening in May.

Still Here – Einzelausstellung von Ceren Oykut

Freitag, der 18.Mai um 19h

immer Freitags und Samstags 16h – 19h

18.Mai bis 14.Juni 2018

Apartment Project Berlin, Hertzbergstraße 13, Neukölln

Apartment Project Berlin @ NO (B)ORDERS, C/O KUNSTPUNKT

NO (B)ORDERS is to be understood as a universal political outcry coming directly out of the project space art scene. It stands for an open worldview, the artistic recapturing of urban space, as well as the preservation of autonomy and diversity for project spaces and initiatives. Four internationally active project spaces and initiatives were selected through an open call for this exhibition, based on artworks that are clearly positioned against discrimination and repression, instead displaying ways forward toward communication and freedom. The group exhibition allows not only for an encounter with different forms of reflection and expression, but also offers a space for spontaneous art actions and further discussion.


Apartment Project Berlin @ NO (B)ORDERS, C/O KUNSTPUNKT

Ein Ausstellungsprojekt des Netzwerkes freier Berliner Projekträume und –initiativen e.V.

C/O KUNSTPUNKT BERLIN, Schlegelstr. 6, 10115 Berlin-Mitte
Eröffnung: Donnerstag, 26. April 2018, 19:00 Uhr

Ausstellungsdauer: 27. April bis 13. Mai 2018
Öffnungszeiten: Freitag bis Sonntag von 14:00 bis 19:00 (more…)


Offsite-Exhibition (part of MUTTERZUNGE) [at] Apartment Project Berlin:
30. 3. – 5. 5. 2018

Beyond the events and presentations at Babylon, Mutterzunge also presents several off-site projects. First among these collaborations is an exhibition entitled “Seeing and Hearing”, hosted by Apartment Project in Neukölln from March 30th to April 5th, 2018. This is an outcome of a workshop held by Loading, a Diyarbakır nonprofit art space, at nbk’s Berlin studio residency apartment, during their research visit as part of Mutterzunge.

Opening + Artist Talk:
30.March 2018, 6pm

Opening hours:
Thur-Fri-Sat 4pm to 7pm

Free Entrance




Offsite-Exhibition (part of MUTTERZUNGE) [at] Apartment Project Berlin:
30. 3. – 5. 5. 2018

Neben den Veranstaltungen und Präsentationen im Babylon organisiert Mutterzunge auch eine Reihe von Off-Site-Projekten. Als Erste dieser Kooperationen wird die Ausstellung Seeing and Hearing vom 30. März bis zum 5. April 2018 im Apartment Project in Neukölln zu sehen sein. Die Ausstellung ist das Ergebnis eines Workshops von Loading, einem gemeinnützigen Kunstraum in Diyarbakır, der während eines Rechercheaufenthaltes im Rahmen von Mutterzunge in der Berliner Atelierwohnung des nbk stattfand.

Eröffnung + Künstlergespräch:
30.März 2018, 18h

Do-Frei-Sa 16h bis 19h

Freier Eintritt

Weitere Informationen: www.mutterzunge.org

EXIT/ Exist

1st of November to 15th of November 2017
Artists : Gözde İlkin, Çiçek Kahraman, Ceren Oykut, Özgür Erkök Moroder


SiS – In the blink of a bird

“In the blink of a bird” is the product of a collaborative work initiated by a group of individuals who pursue the possibilities of collective production, and reflect on the ways and methods of thinking, acting, departing and deciding together. It  is an exhibition expanding through invites and participations based on the conceptual and structural basis constructed by Selda Asal, Özgür Atlagan, Fatma Belkıs, Şafak Çatalbaş, Elmas Deniz, Borga Kantürk, Evrim Kavcar, Yasemin Nur, Sevgi Ortaç, Gümüş Özdeş, Gökçe Süvari, and Merve Ünsal. Onur Ceritoğlu & Berk Asal.


Stay With Me

Phantoms of Gezi

Before and even after, many people died, were killed. Wars still have not ended and never will. Martial law, unjustifiable executions, military governments, femicides… Really, what kept us tethered to life during those periods… How were we watching, what were we seeing? What did we see, were we able to see? Or if we couldn’t see, what was blinding us? Maybe we had gotten used to so many things, we had become hardened. Maybe we had become desensitized watching the “live broadcasts” every night. That was probably why we kept flipping channels, allowing other dreams to carry us away. (more…)

Group Exhibition – Everything is gonna be alright

This misrepresentation continued in the 2007 New Year exhibition, ‘Everything’s gonna be Alright’. For this show, the forty-two participants used Post-its to cover the texts and images already adhered to the walls, ceiling, and floor for the ‘All About Lies’ exhibition. (more…)

Group Exhibition – All About Lies

Apartment Project, an art initiative producing contemporary art projects since 1999, presents ‘All About Lies’ bringing together work – paintings, drawings, videos and objects  by 60 participants from different disciplines to be exhibited in its 23m2 space. (more…)